Frequently Asked Questions

We hope we can answer any questions you have here or on the site, but if you want to talk through what Race to the King is all about, we are always on the end of the phone. 


What are the start/ basecamp/ finish addresses?

Start address: Gaston Farm, School Hill, Slindon, Arundel, West Sussex, BN18 0RS

Base camp ( midway point and Day 2 start address): Hundred Acres Farm, Compton, West Sussex, PO18 9NN (the field is not exactly at this postcode, but closeby – this is the main farm)

Finish address: Winchester Cathedral, 9 The Close, Winchester, Hampshire, SO23 9LS

What is the date of the Race to the King 2018?

Race to the King 2018 will be taking place over the weekend of 23rd & 24th June

What is the start time?

We will be running a staggered start so as to reduce congestion on the first part of the route.

The start times on the Saturday morning are between 8am and 8.45am.

On the Sunday, participants can start at any time between 6am-7am, so they are not assigned a specific start time.

How do I get my race pack?

You will receive your race pack in the post in advance of the event. This is new this year, in order to give you as much time as possible to prepare for the big challenge. 

Please note, if you are travelling from overseas, you will not receive your pack in the post and you will need to pick it up from the registration desk on the day. This is also the case for anyone who registered after 18th May: you will need to collect your pack on the day.

If you have any questions about your pack, please head to the Info Desk on the day of the event. 

How long do I need to train for?

This is dependent on how much exercise you do currently. We provide you with a 20-week training plan for both running and walking, if you are taking part over 2 days or non-stop, or a 16-week plan for doing the one day option. You will also be provided with comprehensive training advice to ensure you are in the best possible shape. Other than that we recommend regular, consistent training – give yourself enough weeks to train but don’t overdo it!

Is there an age limit?

Participants must be aged 16 years or above by the start of the event to be allowed to enter the Race to the King. Participants under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for health and safety reasons.

Can I enter as part of a team?

You can enter groups of as many people as you want whether it is a sports team, a collection of friends from work, or from a local charity. Each individual will have to fill out the registration form with their personal details but on the form they will have the option to “create or join a team”. The first person in the team to register needs to create a “team name” and once they have set this up, the other team members will be able to select to “join this team”.

During the challenge anyone will all be able to walk, jog or run together if they wish, but by creating the team this ensures you are allocated the same camping zone for staying overnight.

If you are entering as a group of colleagues and are looking in to the possibility of entering a corporate team about a bespoke package, kit design or training days then please get in touch

How do I pay to enter?

If you decide to take part you will be required to make the full payment upon registering. You can do this at the enter now page. This will take you to the relevant page where you can pay online by debit or credit card. Unfortunately we do not accept payments by phone.

When do event entries close?

The closing date for entries will be Sunday 17th June 2018 at midnight. However, entries will close earlier if the event is sold out – we anticipate the overnight and non-stop places to be popular so it is worth registering quickly if you don’t want to miss out.


What is the cut off time?

If you are doing the 53 miles non-stop you have 24 hours to complete the full course. If you are splitting it in two and doing it over 2 days you have roughly 12 hours to complete each day (roughly 1 marathon).

What time do I need to get there?

We recommend arriving 45 minutes before your start time. Your start time will be released closer to the event.

Will there be parking to leave my car at the start on Saturday and collect it once I have finished on Sunday?

There will be parking at the race start in Slindon so you can leave your car there on Saturday morning and collect it once you’ve finished. There will be a £10 charge if you wish to leave your vehicle in the car park whilst you are taking part in the event. There is an online booking form for those wishing to book a space.

There will also be parking available near the finish line at Winchester Park and Ride for those that wish to leave their. We will run shuttles from the Park and Ride to the race start on the Saturday morning. At the end of the event we will run a free hourly shuttle from the finish line (Winchester Cathedral) to the Park and Ride, which is about a 10 minute journey.

You do not need to pre-book parking if you are being dropped off or picked up.

Will there be buses to / from the start / finish?

For those doing non-stop or over 2 days:

Getting there: Shuttles are available to transport participants from Winchester Park-and-Ride services or Arundel train station to the start line on the morning of Saturday 23rd June.

Getting back to your car after the race: We will provide shuttles from Winchester back to the start line for participants to be able to get back to their cars. We will also run a free hourly shuttle from the finish line (Winchester Cathedral) to Winchester Park and Ride, which is about a 10 minute journey.

For those doing the one marathon option:

  • Day 1: there is a shuttle from the midway basecamp back to the start early evening on the Saturday
  • Day 2: there is a shuttle from the finish to the midway basecamp early evening on the Sunday
Will my bags been transported for me?

Your bags will be transported from the start to the finish point each day. If you are doing the event over 2 days you will collect your bags from the basecamp and then drop them back the following morning for them to be taken to the finish.

If you are doing the 53 miles non-stop your bags will go directly from the start to the finish.

Will there be rest stops along the route?

Each day there will be pre-determined pit stops (roughly every 10-15km) with snacks, drinks (although we do ask you to bring your own full bottles to start off), toilets and first aid facilities. We ask that you don’t arrange to meet friends and family at these points as they can become very crowded if each participant has 4 supporters there as well. Instead we recommend they meet you at the base camp or away from the event pit stops. Exact distances to each pitstop will be communicated closer to the event date

What happens if I have to retire from the event en-route?

If for some reason you can’t complete the challenge you will be provided with an event control number, which you must ring to tell us you are pulling out of the event. If it is deemed a medical emergency then we will arrange an evacuation for you, otherwise, you will have to sort out your own transport and repatriation, this includes transport from the overnight basecamp to the finish if you decide that you do not want to continue after day 1.

Can people visit me at the overnight base camp and will there be parking for them?

Friends and family are very welcome to come along and cheer you in as you arrive in the basecamp after your first day. We will even offer them concessions for food and drinks! We do ask however that they are aware of other runners if they intend to cheer you along other sections of the route. For those arriving by car, there is parking at the basecamp.

Am I allowed to bring my dog?

Dogs (aside from assistance dogs) are not permitted on the route as part of the event, due to the volume of people on the trail and the challenging nature of the course. Participants will do a lot of training in the run up to the event, and we cannot ensure that dogs have the stamina to complete the route or be responsible for them.   

Are UTMB points available?

Yes, 4 UTMB points will be awarded for participants who complete the double marathon non-stop course. 


If I am staying overnight, do I need to bring my own tent and sleeping mat?

No. Your tent will be pitched ready and waiting for you when you arrive at basecamp and you will collect your sleeping mat when you check in to tent concierge. But you will need to bring your own sleeping bag!

Can I pitch my own tent?

You are not permitted to provide your own tent and camp on site. All basecamp space is reserved for the event set up and event vehicles. If you wish to camp overnight on site you will need to book the “2 days with camping package”

Will there be medical support on the route? Do I need to bring a first aid kit?

We will have medics out on the route to help with any significant issues, but we do ask all participants to bring a small first aid kid to be able to deal with their own minor issues e.g. blisters, chafing, too much sun. N.B. 50km/100km on foot is extremely hard on your feet, it is fair to expect the odd blister, please bring appropriate strapping or blister plasters to alleviate these problems.

What kit should I wear?

There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. There is nowhere where this rings truer than England and if you are out on the Ridgeway you need to be prepared for anything from hot sun to torrential rain. As a minimum you will need to worry about what is between you and the Ridgeway: A GOOD pair of trail trainers or boots. Make sure you break in your chosen footwear before the event. You should have a thumb’s width between the end of your toe and the end of the shoe. Ask the experts. High street hiking stores have trained staff to help you. Use them! Socks are as vital as boots, the wrong pair can cause discomfort even in well-fitting boots. Your socks should fit snugly, and be a comfortable length so they don’t fall down when you’re walking. Look for socks made from natural materials like wool. In addition you want to layer up dependent on the weather. We will send a kit list before the event with more detailed guidance but in summary: trail trainers / boots, socks, a short and long sleeve breathable sport top, a waterproof shell jacket, sun hat, woolly hat, gloves.


What happens if I want to cancel my place or transfer to another category?

If you would like to transfer to a different category this is not a problem, you will simply have to pay the difference if the new package is more expensive. If you choose to transfer to a cheaper package you will not be refunded the price difference.

If you wish to cancel your place due to injury or any other circumstances, your entry fee is non refundable. We have listed below your cancellation options (all options will incur a £20 admin fee)

  1. Transfer your place to another individual for (outlined in the question below)
  2. Transfer your entry to another Threshold event (must be done 4 weeks in advance of the new event, if the event takes place before RTTK, or 4 weeks before RTTK if the event takes place after RTTK)
  3. Defer your entry to the following year. Once an entry is deferred once you cannot defer it again. The deadline for deferring your entry is 13th May 2018. please refer to the Rules and Regulations for further details.
Can someone take my place?

You can transfer your entry to another individual provided this takes place before midday on Friday the 15th June. To process a Participant Transfer there is an administration fee of £20.00 made payable by you to us.

If you would like to transfer your place to another individual you need to email stating clearly the desire to make a Participant Transfer and the full name and email address of the new entrant. You will need to make payment of the £20 administration fee via phone by calling 08454 865 544 or confirm in writing your permission for us to take payment from the card which you originally used on registration.

Once the administration fee has been processed, we will send the incoming participant a free of charge web link to sign up to the event and the cancel your registration. Payment of the registration fee will need to be organised in a private transaction between the you and the other person.

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