Mack, founder of Threshold Sports, took on the inaugural Race to the King on 25 & 26 June 2016. Now his feet have had time to recover, he’s gathered his thoughts and shares with us his highs and lows from the weekend.


“It is often said that adversity brings out the best and worst in people. My experience of taking part in the inaugural Race to the King affirmed my belief that it is generally the former and rarely the latter.

You’d have to agree the scenery on day one was outstanding. Less so the afternoon weather which nearly blew away the basecamp and meant my walking partner (Danny) and I skied the last two sections. Ski to the King was not part of the plan. Thank God for poles.

I couldn’t believe the winner Joanna Zakrzewski wafted across the course in 7 hours 57 mins. What a phenomenal thing to be able to do. At the time she arrived in Winchester, Danny and I were still stuck in the sticky mud on the vertical bog wall just before basecamp.

In our defence, we did stop to pick up Liam the Viking, who had taken authenticity to the next level by dressing up in 25kg chain mail. It was another phenomenal effort to raise funds for Save the Children. He’ll be back, but we’ve encouraged less authenticity next time.


I hope you agree the basecamp view was a millionaire moment. The phrase is borrowed from day two walking companion Paddy Watt of Bupa. He thinks Threshold challenges are healthy discomfort followed by millionaire moments – this Irishman has a way with words. I wasn’t convinced on the millionaire moments during the cacophony of snoring at 5am but it makes coming home to 4 brick walls wonderful.


Race to the King Basecamp

Day two was easier on the feet and body. The last two stages are always mentally tough but I loved the opportunity to natter with a variety of people including a wonderful cohort from the Vodafone Foundation. This is what I love about the walks/runs, they are that little bit more sociable attracting a marvellously diverse group of supportive brethren.

I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m still cleaning the mud off my boots but the medal is hanging off my computer screen which tells you how much it meant to me to get to the magnificent finishing line at the cathedral. If you had a good time and hopefully raised loads of money for charity, please tell all your friends for next year. Well done you.

At the finish

More was in you.

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