With Race to the King two months away, Mack is upping his training, weaving it in to his working day

More motivation, less temptation

Alongside walking to every meeting in London and even having walking meetings with colleagues to gain training miles during the work day, I’m trying to drop half a stone which I figure can only help with my assault on Race to the King. Like everyone, I always have the extra glass of wine I shouldn’t; ditto Malteser, ditto croissant in the board meeting, ditto cup of tea, ditto everything in life that’s fun and tastes yum. The inch war will be hard to fight. Didn’t Oscar Wilde say he could resist everything except temptation?

But serene Dave, our beloved King route planner, has been in the office accompanied by his beautifully shaped beard and he pointed out (rightly) that the King route is more enclosed than its sister event, Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones, equivalent and considerably more grippy (OED definition: bloody hilly). Shedding a few layers of love handle will assist me, says Dave, in his gently encouraging way. Of course the steepness is good news for those people doing it for team building or fundraising – if it was easy where would the challenge be? Have I sold it well?….Still time to sign up!

Training and fundraising for a great cause – the perfect combination!

My training has got off to a good start, taking on a half-marathon whilst helping with some corporate fundraising. At the end of March, I had the great pleasure of accompanying a group of CEOs for part of the Sport Relief Thames Relay challenge. The CEO cohort came from organisations with great can-do culture; Google, Severn Trent, AMVBBDO, Mars and Cisco to name but a few.

Conceived by Tim Davie, Chairman of Sport Relief & CEO of BBC Worldwide, this was a chance for the group to swap the boardroom for riverside. Taking on distances between 5 and 10 miles they ran and carried a baton 120 miles from Oxford to The London Eye raising £50,000 in the process. Even in my forties, I’m scared of headmasters / headmistress and CEOs, but, they really were the most charming bunch of people. Somehow getting in the great outdoors for a good cause is a leveller.

Matt Brittin, CEO Google, is joined by Tim and Chris Hollins, BBC Presenter

Matt Brittin, European President of Google; Tim Davie, Chairman of Sport Relief and CEO of BBC Worldwide; and Chris Hollins, BBC Presenter, on the final leg of the Sport Relief Thames Relay Challenge


I still need more miles and longer walks though. It’s hard, isn’t it?  But I know deep down the more I force myself, “to make deposits in the fun bank”, as Professor Greg Whyte would say, the more I’ll enjoy the weekend of the race.


Share your journey with me

I’d love to hear how your ultra marathon training is going. Do send me pictures and anecdotes to Julian.mack@thresholdsports.co.uk

More is in you.

Mack, founder of Threshold Sports, is writing a series of blogs about preparing for, and taking part in, our new ultra marathon, Race to the King. Read his first blog here about preparing for the challenge.

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