My name is Mack, founder of Threshold Sports. I’m writing a series of blogs about my experience of preparing for, and taking part in, our new ultra marathon, Race to the King.

I am no natural athlete. I’m an inquisitive challenge seeker, so like many of you, I pressed the enter button with equal measure of excitement and anxiety. To enjoy these challenges you have to make time to prepare for an ultra marathon properly. As a business-owning father of three in my time-squeezed forties, that will not be easy.

Having done the Fjallraven Classic with my friend Danny Grewcock (Deloitte RAB 2013 finisher, Lions & England – I think he rates his achievements in that order), I came back from Sweden to beg the creative and logistics teams at Threshold to create more hikes/runs. They responded and here we all are – fear of failure date 25/26 June. I guess you’ll have to put Glastonbury on hold for another year.

Mack and Danny at Fjallraven Classic

Ultra Marathon training step 1 – get kitted out

Having signed up, I’m already suffering from the medical condition kitophobia… Symptoms include incessant worry that you’ll be ‘out stashed’ on the live event and smarter, superior kit on others causes a major rash. The only cure – get online and spend. I will be buying sticks too. Face facts, it’s lumpy on the South Downs. I’ll also be spending a lot of time watching YouTube. Our sister-event Dixons Carphone Race to the Stones is currently producing a series of videos with Profeet, which will provide advice about the different aspects of preparing for an ultra marathon. The first is some really useful tips on footwear for runners.



Most important aspect of ultra marathon training – knowing where the good pubs are!

Next cunning plan is to study pub guides for my native Exmoor and plan walks with mates on Sundays. 5 miles to start, building up to 15 miles as I inch my endurance up. Looking forward to the real ale prize at the end of each walk.

Then there’s snack testing. This is an area of real strength for me, and judging by the size of Danny since he retired from professional rugby, for him too. We’ll be testing savory/sweet combinations to dial up excitement at difficult times e.g. mile 16 on day two. It will be relentless, brutal, emotional – and that’s just the beef jerky!

Next, a cause…

It has to be Save the Children, as I watch the abomination unfold in Syria. I wish there was more focus on dropping food not bombs but there we go. We are just very pleased to have them as our Official Event Charity and we hope that as many of you as possible are able to help raise thousands for them with your efforts.

Share your journey with me

I’d love to hear how your ultra marathon training is going. Do send me pictures and anecdotes to







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